About Polyols

Polyol chemistry is key technology in the development of formulations, systems and applications in the rapidly evolving polyurethanes market!

NEOPOLYOL’s are produced by chemical recycling of industrial PET scrap, which comes directly from the PET production process, and does not contain any impurities what usually present in post consumed PET flakes.

Integration of PET waste “back” technology into the PET production has positive impact on the environment, because it preserve petroleum raw materials and solve the solid waste utilization problem.

NEOPOLYOLs are premium quality product, which characterize by

- good stability
- low metal content,
- low acid number,
- contain up to 45% of recycled materials.

Choose NEOPOLYOL for your construction projects if you wish to:

- ensure sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions in construction market
- improve flame retardancy of your foam
- improve compressive strength of your foam
- reduce the cost of premium quality end-products